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Taps are an essential part of every home, and having them in excellent working order is so important. A leaking tap not only disrupts sleeping and increases the water bill, but it also produces an issue that can vary from irritating to disastrous.
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Fix that leak

Few things are more irritating than the sound of a dripping tap. It’s a persistent reminder that you’re squandering water, and the dripping sound is annoying. Repair it instead of having to put up with it! Fixing a leaking tap is a simple and low-cost undertaking. The secret lies in learning how to repair your specific type of taps.

What Makes a Tap Leak?

Taps are classified into four types: cartridges, compressors, ceramic discs, and balls. A compressor faucet seals the valve seating using rubber washers that can break up and have to be changed. In the case of the other three kinds of taps, you must change the leaking O-ring or rubber seal. 


Corrosion, mineral deposits on internal parts, or damaged seals, o-rings, or washers are common reasons for a leaking tap. Thankfully, most leaking taps can be repaired with the correct equipment and some basic plumbing knowledge.


You have a cartridge-style faucet if you have two handles. One is for hot water and another for cold water. Each handle regulates the water pressure into the tap spout. Leaking water indicates the cartridge has been damaged.


The Dreaded Leakey Tap

Repairing a leaking tap is a pretty simple plumbing job. However, there are different approaches to repairing different types of taps. Determine the sort of flaw when you start the repairs. 

There’s something about repairing a tap that just feels empowering. Maybe it’s the fact that you can do it yourself, with nothing more than a few tools and some basic knowledge. Or maybe it’s the satisfaction of fixing a problem and getting your water flowing again.


Leaking Is Wasting 

Ever wake up in the middle of the night to the tell-tale sound of a dripping tap? If so, you’re not alone. A dripping tap is one of the most common household annoyances. Not only is it frustrating to listen to, but it can also waste a significant amount of water over time. So, what’s the solution? A drip is caused by seepage from the water supply. 

Remember, the water supply enters your home under pressure, so a watertight seal must hold back the incoming water when the faucet handle is in the OFF position. A washer usually creates that seal pressed tightly against the tap seat. 

Obviously, a little water can seep through and drip out of the tap spout when the washer or the seat is not functioning properly. To stop the drip, you usually have to replace the washer or repair the seat. Of course, sometimes it’s not that simple. 

If you can’t figure out how to fix the problem on your own, it’s always best to call a plumber. They’ll be able to quickly identify and fix the issue so you can finally get some peace and quiet!

The waste from a dripping hot water faucet is even more because you’re also paying to heat the water before it goes down the drain. So if you’re tired of watching your money go down the drain, get out your wrench and fix that leaky tap!


Causes Of A Leaky Tap

A stem screw is used to secure the tap handle. This stem screw is linked to a tiny disc called the O ring. This is an important location where leaking can happen. Over time, the O ring might become loosened or worn out, allowing the tap to leak near the handle. If that’s the problem, replacing the broken O ring will solve it. This issue is most common with cartridge faucets.

This is complicated. The valve seat connects the tap with the spout in the compression mechanism. Water sediment accumulation can lead a valve seat to degrade, resulting in leaking around the spout region. Make sure to clean it on a regular basis with a qualified plumber.


Check The Washers 

Among the most prevalent reasons for a leaky tap is something like this. A washer is pushed against the valve seat, and the continuous pressure causes it to wear out. 

As a result, there is leaking surrounding the spout. Replace the washer to repair leaking caused by damaged rubber washers. A compression faucet has this sort of leak most often.

A leaky tap might occur whenever the washer is not correctly placed or is also not the proper size. We recommend getting a professional plumber to assist you in correctly installing the washer.

The culprit might be rust in your valve seat if the leaky tap continues to drip despite your efforts. If not cleaned regularly, it might cause leaks at the spout. Other possible problems include worn-out seals, loose components, and, worst of all, faulty plumbing.

If your repair brings you to these points, or if other unexpected things get complicated, it’s time to call a professional plumber.

When to call a professional explore our services

Overlooking a broken faucet may turn a simple repair into a costly and time-consuming plumbing overhaul job. Not to mention, a leaky tap wastes liters of water a month. 

There are occasions when doing it yourself makes sense. If you cannot fix a leak in your tap, give our team a call. We will notify you of the components and parts that need to be changed to repair the leaky faucet after identifying the root of the problem. 

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