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Almost every Australian household has a range hood in their kitchen. Since meal preparation takes place multiple times a day, we use our cooktops often. Rangehoods are essential for minimising mess and damage to your kitchen which saves you money in the long run. If your current rangehood needs replacing or you are looking for a reliable company to help you install a new rangehood then At Your Maintanence is here for you! Get in contact with us and we will have it done ASAP!

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Why you need a rangehood over your stovetop

A rangehood is an important appliance to have in your kitchen. Cooking produces grease, moisture, steam, heat, and smoke. Over time, when these build up, they can stain your cabinets, walls, and ceiling and make the surfaces sticky. The odours produced from cooking can also make your house smell even after you’ve finished your meal. It doesn’t matter if you cook multiple times a day adjust a couple of times per week, a rangehood is still essential to reduce kitchen damage. If cabinets, ceilings and wall get damaged by grease and steam overtime then it is costly to repair and rangehoods help minimise the cost in the future. It also help reduce the need for deep cleaning as the grease disappears into the rangehood.

Rangehoods work as an exhaust system that filters air and removes airborne grease, smoke, steam, odours, and fumes. Another benefit is that it also provides a light source directly over your stove top so that you can see how your food is cooking and reduces chances of injury. 


Types of rangehoods

There are two types of rangehoods that you can choose for your kitchen: The first is ducted and second is recirculating. 

A rangehood can be installed over either gas or electric cooktops. A ducted rangehood is crucial over  gas stove tops as they produce a lot of heat and smoke, and using a ducted rangehood helps to improve indoor air quality. A ducted rangehood filters the contaminated air from your kitchen and removes it via a hole in your ceiling or wall. They come with an inbuilt grease filter that traps grease, stopping it from landing around your kitchen. These filters need to be cleaned regularly so that the exhaust fan can function optimally. 

A recirculating rangehood filters air using carbon filters, and releases the air back into your kitchen. The carbon filters need to be replaced regularly to maintain good function of the rangehood. 

Recirculating rangehoods are generally cheaper, which is great for families on a budget. They are also a great option for when you don’t have the room for ducts, for example if you live in an apartment or block of units. 

rangehood installation

Why call us to Install your Rangehood?

Our team At Your Maintenance prides ourselves for our exceptional service. Our staff are personable and knowledgeable, and come with all the skills and tools required to safely and correctly install your rangehood. When dealing with large appliances and electricity, it is best to leave the work to the professionals to make sure it is done safely and without error. Whether you are replacing an existing rangehood, or installing a brand new one as part of a kitchen renovation, our team At Your Maintenance is fully qualified to help. 

Based on your kitchen design, we can advise you on which brand or style would best suit your needs and assist you in installing a wall rangehood, undermount rangehood, island rangehood, or even an outdoor rangehood for your outdoor kitchen. 

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