Broken Power Points Melbourne

Replacing broken power points

Do you have a power point that needs repairing or replacing? We can help. The maintenance of power points only really comes to your attention when they stop working. However, they need immediate attention; otherwise, your house circuit is in danger. We provide the necessary services to address your problems. But, you must first know the kinds of broken power points and how to deal with them adequately.


Power Points Spark 

Power points can spark, even if they’re installed correctly and treated with care. When users pull out cords for running appliances or plug in devices with heavy electrical loads, sparking can happen. 

But, if sparking occurs outside these circumstances, you might be dealing with broken power point. Either the quality is low, or wiring is loose behind the casing. Even the appliance might have a damaged plug or cord. 

broken power point repairs melbourneDamaged Points And Faulty Switches 

Though good quality power points usually last several years, you might find some showing wear and tear. Usually, excessive use results in such situations, but they need to be immediately repaired. 

The moment users notice cracks, shaky switches, discolouration, or melted and burned buttons, it is best to leave the point alone and seek help from professionals to fix the issue. 

Power Points Don’t Work But Lights Function 

Sometimes household activities come to a halt when all power points stop working at the same time. However, this isn’t a major problem. Instead of looking for faulty power points, check to see if the safety switch has tripped by chance. Go to the switchboard, and reset it. 

If the system trips again, then unplug the appliance that was last run before trying another reset. In case this problem continues to persist, then you’ll need help from experts resolve the issue.

Single Power Point Not Working 

This happens to be the simplest problem. If one power point ceases to work, users know where the problem lies. It is easy to pinpoint and subsequently repair or replace.

Power point repairs Melbourne explore our services

Be it one or many, broken power points can be extremely frustrating, and they impede household work. While it is best to check the problems first to see whether home remedies are possible, seeking professional help makes the entire process hassle-free. 

That’s why, it’s best to trust the licensed electricians and plumbers, At Your Maintenance. We are always prepared to help in the inspection process before taking a call about whether your power points can be repaired or need to be replaced. 

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