switchboard upgrade baysideWhat are electrical switchboards? 

The electrical panel, breaker box or circuit box are all names for the switchboard. A switchboard is essentially a utility unit that links to the main electricity line and sends current to the different circuits within the residence. 

Electrical components and fuses guarantee that no overcurrents and surges happen during power distribution to various circuits. As we said, it is the heart of your electricity supply.

The switchboard delivers power through your house through circuits. Each room might have its dedicated circuit, or depending on your layout, all of your kitchen outlets may be on the same circuit as your family room outlets.

switchboard upgradeSwitchboard Vs. Fuse Box 

At first glance, a fuse box and a switchboard might not look all that different. After all, they both contain many switches that control the flow of electricity. However, it becomes clear that these two devices serve very different purposes upon closer inspection.

A fuse box has circular fuses connected to each circuit, while a switchboard has switches for each circuit. 

Additionally, fuse boxes are typically smaller than switchboards, and they’re usually located in more accessible areas. So if you ever need to turn off the power to your home, chances are you’ll be reaching for the fuse box rather than the switchboard.


What Causes Electrical Switchboard Damage

Short circuits, spikes, power surges, circuitry overloads, and conduits with exposed wires are the most common reasons for switchboard malfunction. You must consider the circuit breaker’s chance of getting damaged and stopping working entirely.

A switchboard has a 20 to 40-year average lifetime. After then, you risk being exposed to probable electrical hazards by overloading your system with more up-to-date electrical items. 

Wire degrades over time due to ageing. When considering whether or not to replace it, you should take its age into account.  That is why, after 20 years, you will have to replace your switchboard.

Mice and rats can cause a lot of trouble! Rodents may chew at the wiring in your home by entering via the gaps and crevices. As a result, you may find outlets aren’t functioning correctly. You could also see flickering lights, which could suggest a fire risk.

If your switchboard is compromised by water, it is time to replace it. 

Corrosion, for instance, is an indication of water damage. Puddles of water may also form around the switchboard. You will have to replace it if there is severe water damage.


To Upgrade or Replace? 

A switchboard upgrade might include a range of things based on the state of your panel. It might entail installing extra circuit breakers to your current box or increasing your capacity. 

It may also include removing an outdated fuse box and installing modern circuit breakers capable of safely providing the electricity required. A modern switchboard guarantees that your home has a constant energy supply.

You will be able to install additional items without tripping the breaker, blowing fuses, or destroying present equipment. Still, you will also be able to remove issues with blinking lights and burnt-out appliances.


Switchboard – Things To Look For 

Different telltale signs indicate that your switchboard needs to be upgraded or replaced.

Maybe you’ve been coping with faulty wiring for years without giving it much consideration, especially those living in an old building.

While people may get accustomed to the eccentricities of their ageing equipment, several of these oddities may be hazardous. Some of these include

  • Heat surrounding your switchboard
  • Electrical wires that are warm to the touch
  • Recurrent power outages or blown fuses
  • Hissing sounds coming from your breaker box
  • Lights that flicker
  • When you switch on larger devices, the lights fade.
  • A strange burning or ozone odour
  • Your outlets may have burn marks or other types of damage.
  • Sparks or small shocks when plugging items in 

When to call a professional explore our services

It is always good to contact an expert if you want any form of electrical maintenance or replacement. As we all know, electricity is dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Trying to upgrade or replace the electrical panel yourself, you might not have installed it correctly. If the switchboard is not properly installed, you may suffer electrical issues. It may very well increase the odds of fire and, even more so, electrocute and severely injure yourself!

There are occasions when doing it yourself makes sense, but replacing a switchboard is not one! Call us if you require switchboard improvements or replacements or simply want to ensure that your present electrical wiring is safe.


If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not to call a plumber, give us a call. We can help assess the situation and ensure that your shower is up and running as soon as possible. 

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